I Hate You in Tagalog

A Filipino or a Filipina did something really bad to you, so...

How to say "I hate you" in Tagalog?

It's really difficult to find a direct translation from the English, but if you insist of having a phrase, then go with Kinamumuhian kita. The root word is muhi meaning "to detest."

Other alternatives:
Ayoko sa iyo.
I don't like you.

  Galit ako sa iyo.
I'm angry at you.

  Kinasusuklaman kita.
I loathe you.

Source: Tagalog to English

Ok, "hate' is a very strong emotion.

Most of the time when we tell someone we hate them, it's more of a joke. That's especially true in American culture.

In Philippine culture, the equivalent of "I hate you" in terms of conveying the serious emotion is Galit ako sa iyo (I'm angry at you).

Kinasusuklaman kita (I loathe you) is pretty melodramatic. It's a phrase you're likely only to hear in a soap opera. 

- TagalogLang.com


Here we go again with those ignorant of Filipino culture and history insisting on a pure Tagalog translation for a Western concept, refusing to accept that real actual Filipinos living in the Philippines naturally integrate English words and phrases into everyday speech and get by just fine, thank you very much.

 But hey, if they want something and are going to lose sleep over it, let's throw them something.

= Day of Hearts 

Maligayang Araw ng Mga Puso! 
Happy Day of Hearts! 
= Happy Valentine's Day!

Hepi Balentayn sa Inyong Lahat
Happy Valentine to You All

What we're really digging for the ears this season of love is a years-old  Tagalog cover version of Rihanna's Umbrella. http://tagaloglang.com/umbrella-tagalog-version/

And of course, it's the time to read love poems! Ang Valentine Ko was written by Aniceto Silvestre in 1968. A top romantic pick would probably be Pag-ibig by Jose Corazon de Jesus, the most prolific Tagalog lyric poet ever. It's like he was always gushing with verses! 

Ang pag-ibig ay may mata, ang pag-ibig ay di bulag,
ang marunong na umibig, bawat sugat ay bulaklak.

Love has eyes, love is not blind,
To those who know to love, each wound a flower