TagalogLang's YouTube Channel is Back!

A few of you may remember that TagalogLang's YouTube channel was made to disappear by a corporate behemoth in April 2013 after we refused to use Google Plus for privacy reasons.

As of today, Google started unlinking Google+ from YouTube, and to our delight we were able to regain access to our videos… Mabuhay!!! The videos (most from 2008 and 2009) are still showing their stats from two years ago. The most popular one has over 35,000 views.

The channel itself though has been reset to zero subscribers. So please subscribe! http://youtube.com/TagalogLangdotcom/videos

Also, it's about time to do lots of upgrades. The past 12 months have been hard, with several attempts at a redesign, again after the corporate behemoth that is Google demanded that websites adopt a mobile-friendly interface or else be demoted in search results. (The feedback from many of you was, "Why'd you change the years-old site? Bring it back!!!")

We're still working on improving the current site, particularly the menus and search function. We really want to add more pronunciation audio (we hope for every possible Tagalog word out there), provide more interactivity and community (perhaps a forum?), create structured lessons, and so much more!

Do support us by making a donation! http://tagaloglang.com/donate

We've been around since 2002 and we couldn't have made it without the help of site visitors pitching in for the servers and all the costs. So thank you!!! Maraming, maraming salamat. 


Memorial Day in Tagalog?

The common Tagalog word for "remember" is alaala, and that is why many beginner students of Tagalog translate "Memorial Day" as Araw ng Alaala.

Intermediate students of Tagalog try to present a more advanced translation with the phrase Araw ng Pag-Alaala.

For native speakers who are fluent in both Tagalog and English, the preferred translation is Araw ng Paggunita.  The word gunita has a deeper meaning than the mundane alaala.

In the United States, Memorial Day is a day for remembering those who have died in service of the nation. It is observed on the last Monday of May. In 2015, it is celebrated on May 25, capping a three-day weekend with the two days before the date.

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